Brittany & Dale Engagement Shoot

Dale was over here on business for a dew months and Brittany was coming to visit. She contacted me to arrange a special Singapore engagement shoot before they got married back in the US. They had some awesome ideas and wanted to hit some of the downtown iconic hotspots which made for great backdrops to the photos. They were dressed to impress and fantastic to work with! It really was a lot of fun. We started off in the marina with the famous Marina Bay Sands in the background, walked over the Helix Bridge and into the Gardens By The Bay. The weather was even well behaved too. :)

Joseph & Mia

Joseph and Mia got in touch with me to help capture their precious wedding day. They were have a small and intimate ceremony on the beautiful rooftop of their condo with just close friends and family. The ceremony was beautiful and private so it felt really special to be there with them. After the ceremony they went on to celebrate at the amazing Greek Bakalaki restaurant where they were joined by more friends. It was a really relaxed and awesome day.

Phil & Lisa

Phil and Lisa invited me to their very special day to renew their wedding vows. It had been 10 years since they first got married and at that time they set out to renew their vows once every 10 years. This was and still is, one of the most romantic things I have every heard of. They are a really wonderful couple that clearly love each other very very much. This felt like the real wedding day itself. They were joined my so many friends, family and colleagues which made it that much more incredible.

Phil & Caz Engagement Shoot

The Sydney Opera House is probably the most iconic building in the world. I was so happy that Phil & Caz chose this as their engagement shoot location. It doesn't get much better. A wonderful couple and a really fun shoot! Loved it! We even waited a little while for the sun to go down so that we could get a completely different vibe of night time photos. Well worth the wait.