The Mills Family - Studio

Debbie, Nick, Ben, Kara & Dorine

Mom Debbie bid for a studio family shoot as part of a charity auction at Tanglin Trust school When I was contacted about offering a free shoot, I was happy to oblige because Caring for Cambodia is such a wonderful charity to support Their family came just before Christmas and wanted to have a bit of fun with the session. And we most certainly did!! Really lovely family.

Below are just some of my favourites from their session.

The Ackerlauer Family - Studio

Petra, Dietmar & David

Petra and Dietmar wanted to wait until little David was a bit older before having a family shoot. David was the amazing age of 5 months when he visited my studio with mom and dad. David had the best smile that was on show for most of the session. I loved having them in.

Below are just some of my favourites from their session.

The Macahig-Rose del Rosario Family - Studio

Diana, Rene, Umi, Pax & Paco

I had so much fun photographing this cheeky family in my studio. Their children were full of energy and smiles - which made my job very easy! A truly lovely family that I enjoyed spending the morning with!

Below are some of my favourites from their portfolio.

The Doudard Family - Studio

Alexandra, Nicolas & Victor

Alexandra got in touch with me requesting a more stylish studio photo shoot and I was very happy to help. They wanted mainly black and white photos which I love and they also favoured the black background which is definitely a favourite of mine too. They were all dressed to impress and looked so good. A really enjoyable shoot.

Below are just some of my favourites from their session.

The Smith Family - Studio

I had so much fun in the studio with the Smith family. They were up for any pose I suggested and certainly invented a few of their own that I’d not used before! They told me that they wanted to just have fun with the shoot to really show their true personalities. The boys were full of energy and it was easy to see where they got their happy and confident personalities from, I think Mum and Dad were more crazy than the kids! What an awesome set of photos.

The Winkelmann Family - Studio

Atmika, Rob, Arun & Ayush

I photographed this beautiful family last year, before the addition of gorgeous baby Ayush. It was a pleasure to spend time with them again and get to meet the adorable little man. Arun had grown up so much too and was loving big brother life! It really is a special moment for a photographer when you have people come back, watching them grow as a family. :)

The Nguyen Family - Botanic Gardens

Caitlin, Eugino, Matteo & Nicolo

This was the 3rd time I had met the lovely Nguyen family having already done a newborn and birthday shoot for them in the past. It’s always so nice when you already know everyone because everybody is more relaxed and smiley!! :)

Here’s a few of my favourites from the shoot.